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Our comprehensive services are linked to the different needs that a client may encounter throughout his life. We do provide advice and planning that is necessary to build and protect wealth in the medium and long term.


Let your money grow with us.

Miss GNAGNE Agnero

Executive officer


Executive Financial

Dr. ANGUELOV Antonio

Executive officer

What you do for you

Our services

Our international strategy.

Implementing international management able to seize opportunities at scale global financial markets. The research in excellence translates into our willingness to have a solid knowledge of local markets. In-depth analysis of field is at the heart of our investments

Emily Rotten
Investment security.

The protection of the assets of our customers is the basis of our business. Our customers are still owners of their accounts and assets managed by us. The power of attorney granted to HARKUS is limited to the management of funds.
Mike Devos
Plan with average interest.

This is your opportunity to help revolutionize new payment technologies. As the Internet changed publishing forever, so will the digital payment revolution and we invite you to become part of it.
Dominic Jenskin
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