Who We Are

Founded in 2017 with a capital of £ 3,000,000 our main goal is the assistance of individuals or professionals in the management of their financial assets. 

For this purpose, we provide recommendations and advice on financial investments and / or good management of client portfolios by monitoring the stock market daily and the evolution of the main financial products available on the market.


Our Standards

The sustainability of our company is ensured by a stable shareholding, reflecting its independence.

This fundamental value guarantees freedom essential to the conduct of a management performance.

Managing £ 3 million in assets under management, we offer a range of global plans, specialized or diversified.

Harkus employs around 40 people, all of whom serve Harkus’ long-term investor business. The investment team comprises about 30 people, the rest of the workforce consists of corporate functions that work within the Finance Department, the General Secretariat, the Legal Department, the Tax Department, the Directorate of Communication. and Sustainable Development and the Operational Resources Directorate.


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